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From a simple platform to a large stadium concert stage structure – we custom design whatever your event requires. SC offers various roof structures and custom stages. We use the best imported aluminium trussing systems. We work with the highest design, engineering and safety criteria. Our services include: custom design aluminium and steel structures, rigging towers, crowd barriers, dance floors and set design.

Safety is our primary concern and all our structures are certified and comply to international safety regulations and standards.


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When it comes to staging and structures at an event, no expenses can be spared – safety is of utmost importance to any event organiser and Sound Corporation share this passion for safe and secure event structures.

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We provide various roof structures and custom stage design and supply services to events all over South Africa.

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From design to execution – our clients will be followed through with every process to receive the best solutions we have to offer. 

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We use imported aluminium trussing systems that are manufactured by using the latest safety and strength technology. It is vitally important that we provide clients with the same up-to-date services from abroad.

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