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Sound Corporation is the only audio touring company in Africa able to supply its own large format EAW KF850 Stadium Array Speaker System – which has been one of the world’s leading concert touring systems for many years! We have also added large quantities of EAW KF760 large-format Line-Array and EAW KF730 Medium Line-Array systems, with Lab Gruppen amplification, to our ever-growing inventory. Our skilled and proficient audio engineers are able to support a wide range of audio needs including stage plotting, mixer placement, flown speakers, monitors, mic placement, front of house, onstage monitor board, and P.A. tuning & alignment.

At each and every event you will find SC friendly, professional, and highly trained audio engineers on hand to provide top-notch audio reinforcement. Whether your event contains big bands, acoustic instruments, jazz bands, solo artists, gospel choirs or speeches – we have you covered all the way.


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Sound Corporation has 30 years’ experience in providing a full range of sound equipment and technical support – we only use products with the highest audio quality.

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As the largest EAW concert touring sound provider in Africa, Sound Corporation own large amounts of EAW KF760 large-format Line-Array and EAW KF730 Medium Line-Array systems with Lab Gruppen amplification.

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For even bigger needs, the industry-leading large format EAW KF850 Stadium Array speaker system can also be supplied. We have a team of highly skilled audio engineers who support your audio needs – Smaart system analyses with resolution, sound design, rigging and operation of sound systems are all part of our area of expertise. For a live sound solution to suit your unique needs, contact Sound Corporation today!

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We are the largest EAW Audio touring company in Africa, able to supply sixty (60) EAW KF850 Virtual Array Speakers, as well as sixty (60) EAW KF760 Large Format Line Array Speakers, and KF730 Medium Format Line Array speakers – the world’s leading concert touring systems.

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