Sound equipment

Sound Corporation is the largest EAW audio touring company in Africa and the only user of Solid State Logic live touring console.

We offer the widest range of technical services currently available under one roof, as well as some of the most innovative solutions for premium audio experiences. If you're organising an event, big or small, and you want to ensure the highest sound quality for your audience, then it is pivotal to partner with an experienced audio equipment provider.

At each and every event, you will find Sound Corporation to be friendly, professional, and equipped with highly trained audio engineers on hand to provide top-notch audio reinforcement. Whether your event contains big bands, acoustic instruments, jazz bands, solo artists, gospel choirs or speeches.

At Sound Corporation, we don't just rent out equipment; we design and engineer a custom sound environment tailored specifically for your event's unique requirements.

Our sound equipment inventory covers a vast range of audio needs, ensuring that your event's sound quality is second to none. At Sound Corporation, we understand the nuances that come with each type of performance.

We bring the SOUND

When it comes to organising an unforgettable event, the importance of top-notch sound equipment cannot be overstated.

We take pride in our inventory of cutting-edge audio technology, suitable for indoor and outdoor venues alike. Whether you're planning an intimate wedding reception or orchestrating a massive corporate conference, we have the perfect audio solutions to meet your needs. SC extensive selection includes wireless microphones, high-fidelity speakers, and state-of-the-art mixing consoles from leading brands, guaranteeing reliability and professional-grade sound reproduction.

Discover the difference that superior sound equipment can make and make your event a sound success. Live sound requires a very particular skill set, and with our strong emphasis on it, we provide quality technical abilities and presentation.

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Sound Corportaion works closely with its clients to provide bespoke technical solutions that meet their unique needs and specifications. Whether it’s a corporate event, concert, trade show, conference, theatre production or wedding, we have all the expertise and resources to make your vision a reality. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help turn your event into a success!