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Apart from the impressive visual impact, good lighting can have on a production, it is also an effective communication tool – whether your event aims to impress, celebrate, sell, promote, reward or fundraise – great event lighting can enhance its look and have a positive effect on your audience. With numerous years in the lighting business, we have built a reputation for quality lighting and service. As we design the lighting for your event we will be sure to incorporate your ideas, goals, and imagination. We can also showcase your name, custom image or corporate logo in lights.


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Light up your event with Sound Corporation’s event lighting hire. Professional lighting design can have a major effect on the success of your event – light can be used as a communication tool between yourself and the audience.

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We will work closely with you, to ensure our lighting solution conveys your targeted message to the audience. We can cater for corporate, weddings, concerts, festivals etc.

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We have some of the most talented lighting engineers to suite your specific needs. Our team will give their creative input to ensure the best outcome for any event.

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Sound Corporation believes in protecting the environment for future generations which is why we offer energy efficient LED’s and incandescent/halogen lights.

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